Tuesday, March 04, 2008

08 Civic in US

The phenominal success of Honda Civic in India is not surprising given its breath-taking looks and amazing performance. It has left people on road staring at it till it faded away in style. The car has had an amazing run, with many people worshipping it. Will the 08 Civic that has been launched in US make it to India? Well lets first look at the pics and see if it is a worthy successor to the god on Indian roads...

The new Civic logo

Hmm.... Looks great, but still not a worthy predecessor to the current version, atleast I dont think so.... Coming back to the critical question, will it hit Indian Market? Most probably no, as this is not the equivalent car in India. The cars in US and India are different versions. Civic in India, Japan and other Asian countries are the JDM( Japanese Domestic Market) version and the Civic in US and other American countries are the USDM version. Nevertheless, the JDM Civic is marketed in Canada under its luxury brand Acura as Acura CSX.

Acura is similar to Lexus from Toyota in that both are luxury brands from their respective parent companies. Perhaps, this is what is called 'Glocalisation'. A global product with attention and details specific to local market requirements. Looks like Honda is a pro at it!

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