Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aerodynamics - New design cues!

The Grease Monkey is back after quite a while. And as u guessed, this has to be quite an interesting topic to be discussed otherwise why would the grease monkey be back instead of monkeying around!!
He found a great article on the recent design trends in cars based on the aerodynamic research which greatly interests and inspires the grease monkey. The article briefs on how the recent trend on edgy corners adds to the aerodynamic efficiency of the cars like the Volt's edgy rear corner that increases the turbulence at the rear creating lesser aerodynamic drag. The article also points out Toyota's "Aerocorner" design approach.
Happy reading!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Singapore GP - 1st F1 Night Race!

The 1st ever Night Race in F1 history!.... and yes its this weekend!..... Watch the teaser here...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Though Toyota is miles ahead with the prius, GM has a concept that will change the rules of the hybrid game.

Check out Chevy Volt, a plug-in hybrid that will not  consume gas when you drive for work.
Just tells, Americans dont really need a lot of time 2 get back in the game.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Performing a wheelie!

Hey I know it’s been eons since I wrote something, that’s why I thought when I start off again, I it should be interesting and exciting 2 throttle up your sense. What better way than to tell you how to do a wheelie!!
Heres an amatuer's take on performing one... I have done a few basic wheeling stunts on my bike while in India (ofcourse, am just a street biker). And it’s very exciting and I should say it takes courage n time 2 understand the art. But once you understand, the sheer pleasure is exhilarating! Also an added bonus of impressing the other sex! Infact it could be your real motive too for all I know!
As I was about to write about the stunts, I found a similar post on by Santanu, the administrator for the site. Here is the link:
Until I tell you a few variations in my style, drive fast, take chances, be safe!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

R15 Review on IBN Live

This is a very good review video from IBN Live:

Part 2:

What more can I say!!... Get your hands on it now!
If you are not able to watch the videos, head to the IBN Live site

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yamaha R15 website launched!

The link on the teaser has been unlocked. The R15 website is up! Download the loads of nicely shot wallpapers on it!

The way Yamaha has built the product shows everywhere!.... The marketing of the rpoduct is awesome, atleast on the web. Which is good as this is a niche segment and the targetting is perfect. Coudnt have done a better job!

Yamaha R15 Specification

As the Yamaha R15 goes on sale from today, I thought I might post some trivia on it before other bloggers do! ( Kinda selfish huh! ;))

Yamaha R15 Specs as found on Rocking Roadies

Engine : 149.8cc, 10.4:1 compression, Liquid cooled, 4 Valve, Forged Pistons, 4 valve SOHC
with hi performance Radiator

Fuel Injection - Delphi 6 hole type with Sensors n feedback to ECU and centred spark plug

6 speed gearbox
Steel deltabox frame
Power 17ps/8500 rpm
Torque 15nm/7500 rpm
Top speed 140 kph

Front MRF 80/90 17" Tubeless
Rear MRF 100/80 17" Tubeless
Fuel Tank - 12 Litres
Overall length - 1995 mm
Width - 670 mm
Height - 1070 mm
Wheelbase - 1290 mm
Min. Ground Clearance - 160 mm
Ignition - Self
Front - Standard microscopic

While most specs are known by now, the Power and Torque numbers are news. The bike develops 1PS less than the Pulsar 200(18PS@ 8000RPM) and 3PS less than the Pulsar 220. Nevertheless, thats an impressive spec for a 150cc bike as it betters the 16.5 PS cranked by Pulsar 180.

The rear tyres are thin, this doesnt come as a surprise as the Auto Expo featured a thin tyre version only.

Also the compression ratio specified is not quite what I expected. I expected a CR between 12:1 and 13:1 which would match the P220 CR of 12.8:1.

Wishing R15 a gr8 debut from all Indi bikers!!

Welcoming a new era of super-sport biking on Indi roads!!

P.S: I am though not very sure about the authenticity of the R15 Power and Torque numbers posted in Rocking Roadies.

UPDATE: Figures are correct

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yamaha R15 promo video

Watch this Bangalore Wheels promo on full screen!

Though the video quality in the next video is not very good, nevertheless this is a worth-watch promo

Friday, June 06, 2008

YAMAHA R15 debut on June 12!

YAMAHA YZF R15 countdown begins!

Buckle up for the most exciting new age bike to scorch Indian roads! ( ya, the infamous Indian roads). Scroll down for the teaser from Yamaha...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mustang Shelby

!@#$%. Yes, I swear by the Mustang. Period.
Thats one product from Ford, no matter how hard others like corvette try, will never succeed to replicate or replace. If you are looking for some interesting videos, take a look at this Winding Road Videos page. My pick would be the Mustang Shelby GT500KR, Mustang Bullit and the toy car Mini Cooper. Enjoy the videos!