Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yamaha R15 Specification

As the Yamaha R15 goes on sale from today, I thought I might post some trivia on it before other bloggers do! ( Kinda selfish huh! ;))

Yamaha R15 Specs as found on Rocking Roadies

Engine : 149.8cc, 10.4:1 compression, Liquid cooled, 4 Valve, Forged Pistons, 4 valve SOHC
with hi performance Radiator

Fuel Injection - Delphi 6 hole type with Sensors n feedback to ECU and centred spark plug

6 speed gearbox
Steel deltabox frame
Power 17ps/8500 rpm
Torque 15nm/7500 rpm
Top speed 140 kph

Front MRF 80/90 17" Tubeless
Rear MRF 100/80 17" Tubeless
Fuel Tank - 12 Litres
Overall length - 1995 mm
Width - 670 mm
Height - 1070 mm
Wheelbase - 1290 mm
Min. Ground Clearance - 160 mm
Ignition - Self
Front - Standard microscopic

While most specs are known by now, the Power and Torque numbers are news. The bike develops 1PS less than the Pulsar 200(18PS@ 8000RPM) and 3PS less than the Pulsar 220. Nevertheless, thats an impressive spec for a 150cc bike as it betters the 16.5 PS cranked by Pulsar 180.

The rear tyres are thin, this doesnt come as a surprise as the Auto Expo featured a thin tyre version only.

Also the compression ratio specified is not quite what I expected. I expected a CR between 12:1 and 13:1 which would match the P220 CR of 12.8:1.

Wishing R15 a gr8 debut from all Indi bikers!!

Welcoming a new era of super-sport biking on Indi roads!!

P.S: I am though not very sure about the authenticity of the R15 Power and Torque numbers posted in Rocking Roadies.

UPDATE: Figures are correct

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Freddy said...

Thats a winner from Yamaha! R15 is gonna be India's first true sports bike! Looks like a baby R1... awesome!