Thursday, August 28, 2008

Performing a wheelie!

Hey I know it’s been eons since I wrote something, that’s why I thought when I start off again, I it should be interesting and exciting 2 throttle up your sense. What better way than to tell you how to do a wheelie!!
Heres an amatuer's take on performing one... I have done a few basic wheeling stunts on my bike while in India (ofcourse, am just a street biker). And it’s very exciting and I should say it takes courage n time 2 understand the art. But once you understand, the sheer pleasure is exhilarating! Also an added bonus of impressing the other sex! Infact it could be your real motive too for all I know!
As I was about to write about the stunts, I found a similar post on by Santanu, the administrator for the site. Here is the link:
Until I tell you a few variations in my style, drive fast, take chances, be safe!

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