Friday, March 14, 2008

Loads of Hot Pics of YAMAHA R15!!

I know people are not going to be amused if I am going to talk about or post pics on Yamaha R15 as it is no news now. But then, I just found this large collection of R15 pics on Flickr taken @ Auto Expo 08, that it left me no choice but to rave about it...

Some quick facts about the bike to be launched soon in India , that has made desi bikers mouth-water and spend sleepless nights thinking about the beauty....

  • The 1st 6-speed road ready bike in India ( of course excluding sports bikes like R1, MT01 and its likes).
  • A high revving 4-valve FI( Fuel Injection) engine ( chech out the pic where the revmeter shows calibration upto 12,000 RPM!) with an expected 20BHP output !
  • Front and Rear Disk Brakes alongwith Rear mono-shock suspension.
  • And ofcourse the most important, the R1 like front-faring and lots more...

Before you grow tired of my ravings and rantings, here is the link to the photo collection

Sincere thanks to this person, Praveen P Sathaye, for hosting the photos.

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