Thursday, February 28, 2008

Honda Fit and Suzuki Splash

Of the numerous launches slated for '08, the two most interesting of the lot are the Honda Fit and the Suzuki Splash.
The 2009 Honda Fit is a car with loads of space and comfort packed in. The car will certainly be

pricey, but build quality looks promising enough. The next-gen looks on the car in line with the other cars from Honda stable like the City, Civic is very upmarket and eyecandy. As you can see, the contours on the bonnet reflect the City and Civic trend. The delight to the owners will be the steering wheel borrowed from Civic! ..... The steering wheel featuring in Civic has had many jaws drop and yearn they had it in their smaller car. Bingo! Here they are... just for you!

Another very interesting feature is the paddle shift in the US version, very much doubt whether it would make to Indian shores.
Suzuki Splash, an equally interesting compact car. Expected to be priced below Swift, as it will

sport a smaller engine- 1.0L & 1.2L petrol, the car has fresh looks like its big brothers Swift and SX4. The rear has a very different look, a flat back, similar to the Santro and i10. With the pricing below Swift, it will give tough competition to i10, though i10 has a early bird advantage. The car is also marketed in Europe as the Opel Agila.
Watch the space for more updates.

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