Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Reservation – More like a self-goal

This post is not an anti-reservation campaign but it brings out the relevence to the current scenario. Reservation has been quite an issue right from independence.
It has created an overwhelming change in the lives of the socially oppressed. It has opened windows of opportunities for them. It had played an important role in the upliftment of the socially backward people post-independence. It was very much relevant post-independence. As decades have passed the society has changed, the country has changed. But after 50 years of Independence, does it really benefit the people now?

The then-socially backward are today equally competent. But the reservation system has alone remained more or less the same; the main reasons being political ambitions. Today the job market is booming and it looks for competent people from renowned institutions. But sometimes it happens that a competent student from a renowned institution, from the backward class may not really get the job, because the job providers think that this guy has got a back door entry to education, though he is competent. So its not always going to help the needy. In fact it defeats the whole idea of reservation. What was relevant 5 decades ago will not be relevant in today’s atmosphere. Things change, scenario changes. In fact reservation deprives them the opportunity to compete in a level playing field.
Infact it’s a negative approach to the problem. Why in the first place provide reservation of seats? Its more a fix to the problem, than eradication of the problem. Instead providing them monetary support to study, to setup their own business, will be a positive approach.
What will more work out, will be to provide reservation not based on social status (which is irrevelant now), but based on the financial and educational status of the family. As the country is evolving its important for the policies also to keep equal pace. But as always, they fall on deaf ears!

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