Tuesday, April 04, 2006

gr8 Indian Bull

This is my first post. Hope ppl like it!

Who would have thought the indian bull would charge at this blistering pace!
The Financial markets are souring high with a pace nevr seen b4, defying all laws of the market challenging the likes of Nasdaq!
The Indian customer is highly valued as he has more money in his pocket than his likes in other developing countries!
Big MNCs r vying to open their branches in India!
There is a never b4 optimism not only in the Indian mind, but also in Bush's (Hope he reads this :-) ! ).
Burgeoning group of Indians in the billionaire list stand testimony of the Indian Bull!
Smiles on the face of Indian graduates who find it easier to get jobs that suit them as the opportunities column in national newspapers keeps increasing in size each day.
Bollywood films are maturing n coming of age, with sensible movies like Ab tak chappan, dil chahta hai, Swadesh, Being Cyrus, etc.

IIM graduates getting best pay packages, proving time and again that Indian minds are perhaps the hardest to compete with!

Narain making his mark in f1 history with his gr8 debut in Melbourne last year and a test driver with Williams this year.
Sania Mirza becoming the best debut performer in WTA rankings and the list goes on...
Not to be left behind Indian cricket is also in gr8 form with its winning streak series after series!

Isnt it turning out to be something like - Steer you boat to the Indian shores if you dont want to sink!

3 cheers to the gr8 Indian Bull !!

Hope u likd this post.
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Nofear said...

gr8 start machan !!! dat ws really gud... startin on ur fav topic... may b u can add sum pix too along with ur blogs.. so u've plan to do it on a daily basis ?!?!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the postings on your blog