Tuesday, October 10, 2006

gr8 xpectations- big let down - cbz xtreme

It's been long time since I posted, but this big let down on the bike god, that i worship, CBZ, has prompted me to post this note. Many must be waiting to get their first glance on CBZ Xtreme, 'from the makers of CBZ', though once u have a glance at it, u will wonder if it was them who came up with the original version.

Well, what do u think on looking at the pics, does it really look like a CBZ or, as I would put, 'yet another bike from HH'?
On the first look itself, so many qouestions popped into my head:
Y would a bike really need a so-called 'Pilot Lamp' when there is a large head lamp that more than serves the purpose of 'piloting'?

Y have an integrated tail lamp, when the original 1 was just 2 good 2 beat.

In spite of having faced repeated failures with ambition and achiever, Y sport the same fuel tank those failure models use?

Looks like Pulsar and Apache are likely to strike cbz off, as their most-feared destroyer.

Xtreme looks more like a marketing gimmick than a tribute to the god.

On letting down my hopes of a revival, let me at least pay my tributes to the true legend of the original cbz.

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