Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watch F1 Live!

Any gain re-inventing the wheel? Nope... There you go!... Thats why I try to post things that are most relevant and important, at the same time making sure that I am not telling the story again.

Are words the only way in a blog to express ones thoughts and convey a message?.. There you go again!... Thats why I have a signifact amout of pics and videos to better pull it off.

To reinforce my belief on the above gyaans, here are some amazing F1 video link on how to overtake, how the brakes and differentials work in a F1 car etc:
There's further to it...
If thou shalt miss the action on Tv, though shalt be given another opportunity to live on the web. Thou shalt be provided with to enrich the holy knowledge on F1. Amen.

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