Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taking a fast turn

The other day I was drawn into an interesting argument with a friend of mine, on whether or not to depress the clutch while taking a turn. I finally convinced him on how the bike would go on "freewheeling" and have no control while turning with the clutch depressed. The same goes for cars too. Never use the clutch while taking a turn as you will have no control over the wheel and neither will the engine. More so in case of a bike as it loses traction as the grip on the road and eventually heads for a skid. And you, for a night-mare... as hardly any of my desi buddies wear any protective gear whatsoever, not even the most basic - the helmet.
An advice to fellow Bangaloreans, if not racing jackets, you would get good riding jackets for a fair price in the city. Trust me, brands like Weekender (Thanks Bips! ) and others in town have really good ones. Also, they are a lot better than the jackets in the US. Get ones with tough solid fiber on the outside and a cloth lining on the inside. Never go for the gawky, low quality thin section rain-coat types! Really, I find it bizarre, people wear it when they ride bikes! It makes little sense as it is neither protective nor keeps heat. You either sweat in the day or shiver in the night with these on.
Anyways, there’s my 2 cent worth.

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LAN said...

I dont know about all this technologies; i just drive my bike!! Dont confuse me!!