Monday, May 19, 2008

Rise n Shine!

Now that the blog is back (with a bang!), I would like to apologise for the break. I was busy moving to US, but trust me thats good for the blog as the new dimension on how the Indian auto industry compares with the rest of the world, will gain further credence and solid ground. A lot could have happened during the break, but nope, fortunately none! Sun still rises in the east, Chennai still remains hot, India still remains the same, of course Nano and Yamaha R15 are yet to be launched! Guess we dint miss the action.

Talking about India, I have some news. In spite of the fact that the India auto market is still a developing and emerging one, the good news is that it is making news all over the world not because it is a fast growing market but because it is making long strides on the technology hall of fame. Don’t believe me? The news (phew! how many ‘news’ do I put in the para!) is from Businessweek about the technology related to cost cutting and manufacturing techniques used in Tata Nano. And Businessweek is a leading business magazine in the US! If you thought that Nano was a just a onetime media hit and the world just forgot about it after Auto Expo, think again, the article was posted on May 9, 2008, a week back!

But the good news (again!) ends there. If you compare the auto industry in both the countries, they are at opposite ends. You pull my collar and say India is still a developing country and I am a fool to compare the two. Well, while it is true that it is still a developing country, the country is denied of good quality cars and technology because it is least equipped to handle the good stuff. It is the sheer lack of infrastructure courtesy Government of India that is responsible for the misery we citizens have to face. Infrastructure needs big strong hands to pull up it up. A good infrastructure is the back bone of a economy, and plays a vital role especially in a developing country like ours. Indians and Indian firms are making huge waves all over the world about the quality of workforce. But the waves might die down sans impact without the proper foundations of economy.
For the supporters of the Indian Government who brush my accusations and show me the Mumbai-Pune highway, sit up, observe during one of your numerous official jaunts (more a pleasure trip!), you will find that all of the economies which are doing well, have excellent and innumerable such freeways (yep, that’s what they call them in US!) to back them up.

If it all India wants to continue on its dream run, this is what the world has to say: catch up or catch you later!


Bipin Raj said...

Hmm.. Sadly true.. Hope the Indian Govt. learns something from their Western counterparts soon !! I know thats just a nice dream n that ters nothin more to it :(

Btw... Hi da.. Hw r u ? How do u find ur college n stuff? Do mail me or leave chat msgs in my blog.. also put ur mail id that u wd be frquently chkin :) tata fr nw !!

Ramadoss Magesh said...

Hi Arvindh,

Nice to see an update on ur moving to US.. all the best with your write about initial day experiences in US..those always make an interesting read..

Warm regards,